to make a significant impact and positive lifetime transformation to the residents and communities of Maquassi Hills Local Municipal area

To be among the highly regarded self-sustaining community development foundations that impact the most vulnerable in the society and raising at least R 50 million towards Education empowerment in the next 10 years

• To raise funds which are meant to primarily offer education bursaries to talented under-privileged pupils in the communities of Maquassi Hills.
• To identify interventions which are meant to give matric pupils a greater chance of an informed career choice.
• To initiate all-inclusive activities, across races aimed at improving the lifestyles and building unity in our communities.


1. To make tertiary education possible for under privileged talented and determined pupils.
2. To facilitate access to key information to enable reasonably correct career choices.
3. To give hope to those extra ordinarily talented pupils who ordinarily would have given up due to limited resources or no resources at all.
4. To facilitate activities aimed at building and all-inclusive communities.